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Empowering Your Retirement Journey with Integrity and Compassion


Retirement planning not only includes taking advantage of your saving and investing opportunities through the years, estimating your expenses in retirement, and preparing to have enough money to cover those costs for your lifetime but also spending your hard earned money the way you want to spend it!


Medicare Supplement Insurance, also known as Medigap, is extra insurance you can buy from a private health insurance company to help pay your share of out-of-pocket costs in. I can help you navigate all the different options in the market to best maximize your coverage and decrease your expense!


Nobody likes to think about aging but sometimes we have too! A long-term care policy or LTC policy can help greatly offset many costs associated with aging. In the home setting, comprehensive policies generally nursing care as well as occupational, speech, physical, and rehabilitation therapy. A LTC policy can also help pay for an assisted living community that would help you with personal care, such as bathing and dressing.


Life insurance can be bought at any age - did you know that? You can even buy life insurance for your newborn baby! There are two main types of life insurance, whole life & term life. Whole life is a form of permanent life insurance that lasts as long as you live (assuming you pay the policy’s premiums.) It also includes a cash value account—a type of savings account that grows tax free over time and that you can withdraw from or borrow against while you are alive. Term life insurance on the other hand, lasts only for a certain number of years (the term) and does not accrue any cash value.

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